Friday, August 6, 2010

Eco Gift Idea: Family Photographs by Jay Ackerman

We purchased a photo shoot with Jay Ackerman at a school auction last year and I was thrilled with the magazine quality photographs he took of our gluten free family with a city backdrop. Unlike most things we buy today that will end up in a landfill, family photographs are treasured for generations making them a great gift--especially for the person who has everything.

I am adding photographs by Jay Ackerman to my list of Top Gift Ideas for 2010 and posting now for people who want to get a head start on the holidays. Jay has a wonderful way of shooting the family portraits early on before everyone is bored and complaining and then he moves on to more fun, spontaneous artistic shots. The shoot ends up being fast and fun for everyone involved. Also, he has a family and friends special running right now if you mention you are a friend of ourGFfamily.