Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gone Fishing...Clear Strategies Coaching August Newsletter

I am away for a week on a family trip and decided to leave behind my laptop and my blog to spend time with my family. I was inspired by my friend, Claire, a life coach and friend, who has an expertise coaching women and mothers to find happiness in their lives and pursue their dreams. You can read more about Claire and read her newsletter on her website: Clear Strategy Coaching

Here is an excerpt from Claire's August Newsletter that prompted me to leave behind the my computer and cell phone and be with my children for a week at the beach:

"Here’s my challenge...the end of summer is near. How about spending the last two weeks totally disconnecting? Not possible? What WILL you do? Disconnect for a few days? Not check email at home? Make up your own version and do it."

Thank you for Claire for the inspiration to live a more present life while on vacation. Off to Bald Head Island, North Carolina to relax and be with my family.

PS I did some posts in advance so I won't be reachable or posting but some posts will be appearing magically.