Friday, August 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home Sans Fridge

After two months of being on the road we are finally home--well, home for three days before a family trip to Bald Head Island, North Carolina.

I love, love, love traveling and being away but I must admit it was nice to be home. I was about to unpack my cooler when I discovered my fridge had broken. AHHHHHH!?!?! It wasn't a little warm or not cold--the fridge was actually 80 degrees. I had bags and bags of stuff to unpack including a cooler full of Udi's bread, Joan's bagels, corn tortillas, pepperoni, Daiya Cheese and Almond Breeze Almond Milk and homemade pickles that all needed to be put away. The good news was I hadn't brought a ton of meat back from Vermont--which would have definitely complicated the already complicated situation.

When we went to buy some ice to keep the food cold, I explained to my kids how they used to call the refrigerator an "icebox" because they would have blocks of ice delivered to keep the food cool. Their big question was--where did the store get the ice??? I am wondering if anyone knows the answer. It's a little bit of an icebox riddle. We are surviving without a fridge by keeping some food on ice and mostly going out to eat for meals. We went to Peter's for brunch and will order Chinese food from Lily and Loo's gluten free menu for dinner. We are pretty lucky to have so many gluten free options nearby. My kids had fun played silverware tic-tac-toe at Peter's--so I included a picture above of our low-tech restaurant fun.

Home Sweet Home sans fridge.