Friday, October 22, 2010

Enzyme to Break Down Gluten for Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance

Question: What is a good enzyme for gluten? I want to have it around next time my son eats something he shouldn't have. I have TriEnza.

Answer: Trienza, a plant based enzyme from Houston Enzymes breaks down proteins, carbs and fats so it is a broad based enzyme that would be helpful to break down many different types of foods.

Kids who had problems with breaking down gluten, dairy and soy who have tested negative for celiac can try using enzymes that break down these proteins. AFP Peptizyde is an enzyme that specifically breaks down gluten, casein and soy and it would be the specific product I would recommend for a non-celiac gluten intolerant child who inadvertently eats food containing gluten, dairy and soy.

Although Tri-enza also contains the enzymes to break down gluten and it could be used, the more specific enzyme AFP Peptizyde does a better job if you know the child has had gluten, dairy and soy. Again, Tri-enza will also work, but the AFP Peptizyde is the best enzyme to use for a child who is having any type of reaction to gluten, casein or soy protein. If you don't know what the food is that they are reacting to, the Tri-enza would be more appropriate.

There is a book called Enzymes for Autism and Other Neurological Conditions about how some children do better by incorporating enzymes in their diet than they do on a restricted diet. For these children, the enzymes allow them to break down these proteins so they don't get sick, which means they get the nutrition from a wider diet, without the problems associated with their inability to break down the proteins.

Because my kids have the genes for celiac, we don't use the enzymes to eat gluten, but we have used them, with a lot of success for food reactions to both casein and soy and we have used the Tri-enza enzyme for years to break down food so that more nutrients could be absorbed.

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