Friday, November 12, 2010

Contest to Win Homemade Cookies on Only Sometimes Clever

Only Sometimes Clever has a great contest called "I throw down the veggie gauntlet." It's not to be missed by anyone on a gluten free diet. You have to do some tallying of receipts but the payoff is big--a few dozen homemade gluten free dairy free cookies for the winner. How can you not enter?

I also like that the contest is running a few weeks since often my purchasing goes up and down depending on what else is happening. This week, I have a Harvest Home Farmer's Market event and am prepping salad for 40 so although I won't actually be purchasing the greens, there will be seven pounds of salad in my fridge and I will be holding back on purchasing anything requiring fridge space. Next week will be more business as usual--oh, wait, it's Thanksgiving. Definitely NOT business as usual next week either. Still fun to be part the veggie gauntlet contest.