Friday, November 5, 2010

NYC Celiac Meetup Group Event: Lunch Box Basics on November 13th in NYC

NYC Celiac Meetup Group has an event called Lunchbox Basics on Saturday, November 13th at 1:30 pm with Heidi Dean, who is a certified kids nutrition specialist. In this workshop Heidi will teach you how to quickly prepare lunches that rival your favorite gourmet deli sandwiches using many things that are already in your fridge.

Packing lunches is always my least favorite part of the day. I don't know why. It just seems like an endless, thankless task without the usual reward of feeding kids. You don't get to see kids eat their lunch. Sometimes, lunch comes back untouched. There isn't a real payoff of "being done" either. When the lunch box comes back, you have to unpack it and repack it. What a drag.

Well, I am hoping that this workshop, which is part II of a gluten-free nutrition workshop series, will offer some solutions. Also, by the way, my kids don't actually eat sandwiches! My daughter takes homemade chicken soup in a thermos. My son takes a few slices of salami on thin corn cakes. No one really eats the other stuff I put in (cucumbers, grapes, carrots etc.) I work hard to try to put in fresh food but it really goes untouched. And, from talking with other parents, this is pretty typical for kids. My nine year old has finally started to actually eat her entire lunch--so maybe it is a "not eating" phase that passes.

Well, since I am so not an expert at lunch, I look forward to hearing what Heidi Dean has to say.
I am hoping to make it to this event or that it can be rerun during the week when my kids are in school if I can't make it.

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Ara said...

I know how you feel but I still believe that you'll love it once the kids will return the pack lunches empty. It often felt good when our kids love to eat what we prepared for them and we can get an inspiration from them. Why not try to prepare something that attractive, try doing a bento which contains healthy foods/snack. Kids love to colorful with cute designs. =)

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