Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Symptoms of Celiac on Celiac Diva

Dental enamel defects can be a symptom of celiac as well as bones that break easily. Watch Celiac Diva: Episode 60 to learn more. In this episode, Celiac Diva has a panel discussion on symptoms of celiac with Celiac Diva, Celiebo and Generation Gluten Free, who spent years sick with either silent celiac (without obvious digestive symptoms) or typical gut wrenching celiac. The interesting thing about celiac is when people with celiac go gluten free, often they are giddy with excitement at finally feeling well. CeliacDiva's vlog captures this almost born again enthusiasm for gluten free life post diagnosis. Not only can celiac present in so many different ways because often symptoms are the result of vitamin deficiencies, but it can also be completely silent with no intestinal symptoms. In the case of celiac that is silent, you can be suffering, even without stomach aches, because you aren't absorbing vitamins. This can affect learning, growth, development and fertility. Check out Celiac Diva: Episode 60 with Generation Gluten Free, Celiebo and for first hand information on the symptoms of celiac.

You can get more information on how to spot celiac from dental damage here:
Spotting Celiac from Dental Damage
Dental Enamel Defects in Children Strong Indicator of Celiac Disease


Jen said...

I have one little divet in my enamel on my front tooth. I have always wondered if it's related to my other health issues! Interesting!!

Glad you are liking my paleo posts, I will definitely keep it up!!!

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