Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tummy Rescue Shake on Celiebo

Celiebo has a Tummy Rescue Shake video on her vlog. And yes, pears are one of the least allergic fruit! Vickerstaff Health Services has a great overview of Foods Most Frequently Associated with Allergies that has a helpful chart and detailed information about this complicated subject.

Celiebo is not a doctor! (She noted a few times on her vlog!) But, I would like to let Celiebo know that most of what helped my kids get better was advice passed on from non-doctor sources so it is a huge benefit to her viewers that she is passing along the Tummy Rescue Shake. When I listened to doctors and followed their advice, my son just got sicker and sicker! It wasn't until I listened to other parents--including a doctor who had QUIT practicing neurology at a prestigious NY city hospital because her kids who both had celiac got sicker and sicker when she was following mainstream medical advice. The doctor went back for a degree in homeopathy after homeopathy healed her kids. Mainstream medicine is AMAZING if you have a heart attack or have your arm cut off--as one GI doctor told me who was unable to help my children "Western medicine has a death and disease model." So if you are dying or have a disease it really is great model. But if what you suffer from is chronic unwellness that is not a death or disease (like a bad tummy from getting glutened) then your tummy shake might be better than anything prescribed by a doctor!

Of course, like Celiebo, I am not a doctor!

So, it's always best to consult your doctor first before trying any kind of concoction or advice --including the tummy rescue shake. I have found the best way to heal my kids is seeking both mainstream and alternative advice simultaneously. Often mainstream doctors can provide a diagnosis and a direction, rule out serious problems and treat symptoms. I have found that alternative and integrated doctors can really help to heal and treat underlying problems.

And, because everyone is different, sometimes it has just been through trying things recommended by other parents that I have seen symptoms improved (or vanish) in my children.


Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma said...

Funny, I wrote a post about hitting the "western med brick wall" earlier today.

Your blog has helped me on our journery with biomed, GFCF, and such.

We just started B12 shots with Moose and the results are great. Here is the post I wrote today regarding delays and alternative treatment.

of speech delays and western medicine

Thank you for all that you write on this subject.

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