Tuesday, March 22, 2011

100 Facts About Me...The List

I saw on my tweet deck that #100 facts about me is a popular tweet. I am too busy to gather together a list of 100 facts right now but let me begin. Yesterday, I tweeted fact #1 so here are two facts now and I will add a fact a day. This is a little bit of a stream of consciousness exercise. Whatever pops into my head. No editing. A fact is a fact. Feel free to post #100 facts about yourself on your blog and I will link to it if you email me a link.

1) I HATE hummus.
2) I just got 100% on an algebra exam.
3) Everyone in my family--including my dog AND cat are on a special diet!!! It's completely crazy, I admit. My dog eats Iams Low-Residue Dog Food and gets terribly sick from things like brown rice which have high fiber. A then, a year ago, my cat was diagnosed with diabetes but on a special diet--1/2 can of DM Dietetic Management Feline Formula with some chopped organic turkey or chicken she is fine. WHAT A PAIN--but I am so excited my cat doesn't need insulin twice a day anymore. Would love a simpler life. But happy that everyone is healthy--and happy.
4) I lived in Thailand for a year--I taught English in Bangkok and then rented a house from Mut Mee Guest House in Nong Khai.