Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Book and Cooking Class Recommendations for GFCF Diet

Q: I'm very nervous about my ability to provide good GFCF foods that my extra picky son will eat. Do you have a good cook book you recommend?

A: There are so many cookbooks to help parents implement these dietary changes. I have shelves full of cookbooks and science books related to healing through diet. Here are some of my favorites.

Cooking for Isaiah: Gluten-Free & Dairy Free Recipes for Easy Delicious Meals by Silvana Nardone is a great cookbook for families who would like GFCF recipes that everyone can enjoy together. Silvana Nardone was editor in chief of Every Day with Rachel Ray and her recipes really work.

The Autism and ADHD Diet: A Step-by-Step Guide to Hope and Healing and Living Gluten Free and Casein Free (GFCF) and Other Interventions
comes in paperback for about $10 from Amazon and gives an overview of different dietary options. Barrie Silberberg, a parent who has healed her son using dietary intervention, simplifies the gfcf diet and the science so that parents don't get overwhelmed and can successfully implement the gfcf diet.

Gluten-Free Baking Classics by Annalise Roberts is my most worn and loved gluten free cookbook. I haven't made all the recipes in the book, but the ones I have made work so well, I tend to make them over and over. (The cookbook is not dairy free so I use Spectrum Organic Shortening instead of butter and seltzer water or coconut milk in place of milk in her recipes.)

Gut and Psychology Syndrome
is a more complicated explanation about how gut health influences neurological problems. It is written by Dr. Natasha Cambell-McBride, a neurologist who went back to school to get a second degree in nutrition so it really goes into a detailed explanation of the science by a doctor with two degrees and a huge amount of knowledge. Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) is one of my favorite books but it is definitely more of an advanced book for experienced parents or doctors who are interested in science.

Chapter on Diet from Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism 2010-2011 by Karyn Seroussi and Lisa Lewis. You can buy this book at Amazon or read the chapter at your local Barnes and Noble to get a great overview on the GFCF diet by the founders of The Autism Network for Dietary Intervention (ANDI) who also wrote the book The Encyclopedia of Dietary Interventions for the Treatment of Autism and Related Disorders.


If you are in NYC...

Join author Silvana Nardone at The Institute of Culinary Education on April 10, 2011 to prepare gluten-free versions of beloved dishes---including chocolate chip cookies and donuts---that you might have thought were now out of your repertoire for good.

Take a class at the Natural Gourmet Institute with Rebecca Reilly to learn about Gluten Free Baking!

Join our parent group All About Eating and Mealtime-- a six evening course this spring to help parents with dietary intervention and picky eaters. During the six sessions, parents will get lectures, information and support from a nutritionist, an occupational therapist and a parent/cook.