Monday, May 16, 2011

News: Lilli and Loo's Gluten Free Shrimp Roll

Lilli and Loo has been our "go to" gluten free Chinese restaurant for four years now. We are mostly thrilled to have an Asian restaurant that offers a GF menu which simplifies ordering. Last week I went to Lilli and Loo's with my gluten free gang--Tinsley of Celiebo and Jill of Glow Gluten Free Cookies and they brought us these amazing shrimp and vegetable rolls that are deep fried.

We haven't seen egg rolls in years and they were one of the things everyone misses. Although my dear husband thinks I can make anything, there are a few things that seem beyond me to even attempt--deep fried egg rolls are in this category. Which is why I am thrilled they are now just a phone call away. Lilly and Loo's calls them "shrimp vegetable rolls" and is planning on adding them to the menu soon. Right now you can get them if you call and request them. Soon they should have vegetable spring rolls.

Lilli and Loo
792 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10021
Click Here for directions.

The Restaurant is located on Lexington Avenue, between 61st and 62nd Streets.