Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gluten Free Oat Bran for the Dukan Diet

I was intrigued by the simplicity of 'The Dukan Diet'. Unfortunately, a big part of the Dukan diet is oat bran--the nutritious outer layer of the oat grain--and it seemed almost impossible to find gluten free oat bran. Montana Gluten Free PrOatina Oat Products has an oat bran that is certified gluten free.

I actually don't really believe that diets work but was curious to try this protein and vegetable diet that helped Kate Middleton slim down for her royal wedding. Although the meat only beginning of the diet is quite restrictive after a few days you incorporate vegetables--and eventually, once you have lost weight, you can have a wide diet if you go back to a protein only day once a week.

In general, I find that the diets just cause you to gain weight in the long run--just in case you ever decide to ever go on a diet again, your body wants a little more reserve to protect you from another famine. Still, I was curious to try the Dukan Diet with the oat bran to see if it works.

Some people with celiac have a problem with oats so you have to really monitor your symptoms when trying to incorporate oats in your diet.

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Stella said...

My husband has serous allergy issues for products containing both dairy and gluten. We live in France, where can we buy gluten-free oat bran for the Dukan Diet?

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jennifersign said...

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease recently and have been on a gluten free diet for about a year now. You're right it's not an easy task and finding gluten free products can be hard, especially ones that are tasty!

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kaney said...

It seems everyone has a different opinion of dieting and which diets really work versus the "short term weight loss" diets. By short term weight loss , this refers to the phenomena where every pound that was lost comes right back on due to sheer hunger after starving your body for so long. Starvation diets are definitely not the way to go, but there are some excellent lower calorie diets that will leave you far from starving - and keep the pounds off for a lifetime.

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Cricket said...

I'm a celiac I have just started the the Dukan eating plan after 2 days I already feel lighter but am concerned about the oatbran

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Cricket said...

Any ideas to replace oat bran
Flax seed ?
Chia seeds?

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