Sunday, October 16, 2011

What's Eating Your Child Changes Lives

I have known many families who struggled with children's ongoing behavior and symptoms for years. Often, the parents know that food is a factor but they don't know where to start and they are only vaguely aware that food is the issue. When they ask the pediatrician about the connection between food and their child's symptoms they get vague answers like "Watch what they eat." But without any real concrete answers it's hard for parents to know which food might be a factor or where to begin.

In the past few months several families I know have finally been able to implement dietary changes and see results thanks to a book by Kelly Dorfman called What's Eating Your Child. Thanks to the comprehensive information in this book one friend was able to make changes and found that her son's "poops are solid, he is less whiny, not so emotional, not as picky with food and best of all, he doesn't get crazy after he eats!" You can read her whole post on her blog Crunchy Apples.

If your child has some troubling behavior or symptoms, check out What's Eating Your Child to understand how food might be an issue. You can read an excerpt HERE. There are also two online interviews with Kelly Dorfman below that also might be helpful to parents who are looking for answers.

Interview with Kelly Dorfman - Part 1
Interview with Kelly Dorfman - Part 2

It's hard to believe but What's Eating Your Child is really changing lives. Thanks to Kelly Dorfman parents are seeing their children get better after years of struggling with symptoms.


Kirsten said...

Thank you for posting this book! I recently found your blog, and am loving your posts, they ring true in my life. (I have Celiacs-GF for 8+ yrs and Dairy Intolorance) My husband insisted we feed the kids some gluten and dairy regardless, but I feel it's contributing to various issues now. This book will help prove my point that its not the best dietary choice for them.

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