Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blog Hop: Join Us!

So happy to be part of It's an Itchy Little World's Blog Hop. Thrilled that there are so many other gluten-free mom bloggers out there all coming together in the Top 25 Allergy Mom Blogs. Links are below to other allergy mom blogs. I am happy to share others. To be a part of the Blog Hop just put your blog in the comments section and I will add yours to my list.

Also be sure to vote for my blog-->
HERE <--for the next FOUR days.

From A Gluten-Free Vegan Mom Who Knows:
As Itchy Little World states, "This is for parents helping their children cope and for adults with any of the conditions."

No rules, just links.
If you want to join, please add a comment and I’ll add you. I just ask that you reciprocate the favor and add my link as well.
Let’s have fun with this!


humblemumblings said...

Thank you for posting all these blogs. I have visited only a couple so far and am excited to hop to more. Love reading other Mom's words about the challenges of raising our sensitive kids. Gives me a sense of being part of a community, instead of isolated on my own. We recently relocated to Sweden and are finding our way through a brand new food maze! Luckily I like a challenge. Good luck with your climb into the top 25!

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itchylittleworld said...

Great! Thanks for spreading the word on this!!

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Yee Family said...

Thanks for posting these links!

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Heidi aka Brooklyn Allergy Mom said...

Hi! What a great idea:
Best of luck!

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Heather @ Life, Gluten Free said...

I will check some of these out. I am familiar with a couple, like Lexie's Kitchen. There are so many great blogs out there :)

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