Monday, December 5, 2011

Robert Kilpert on IT'S NOT ONLY Foods that Fight Cancer

Rob Kilpert is a healer whose experience surviving cancer has transformed his life. He is also the founder of Healing Fields Farm, where he grows and plants the food that has helped him recover. Dried sunny flowers from his farm floated in the calendula tea that he made for us to drink when we spoke. Rob told me of his experiences that caused him to consider alternative approaches, change his treatment regimen and pursue his journey to become a certified healer. Insurance cutbacks and flat out malaise with treatment setbacks pushed him to try different and less complicated options, but it was the results he saw that led him to embrace alternative approaches.

"The body wants to heal itself--give it what it needs," he said as we spoke about different foods that can nourish and heal. Although alternative approaches to addressing cancer can seem thoroughly modern, Rob points out that "All this alternative stuff is thousands of years old. Why discount this for something that has been on the market for 3 years?" His own diet is macrobiotic with very little meat. He doesn't completely eliminate meat--but he does minimize meat and eats 4-5 eggs a month. If you do eat meat, he recommends that you try to find meat that is not mass produced like lamb and game.

Rob is careful not to dismiss mainstream treatment as an option but he also notes that the body will be forced to do extra cellular work to accommodate chemicals and medicines and a diet high in minerals and micronutrients is the way to give your cells the boost they need. Early in his diagnosis, Rob also discovered Deepak Chopra's Journey to the Boundless, a video that explores the connection between your mind, body and spirit. "It is an ancient perspective that rings true today," Rob says of Chopra's video which has been a tremendous aid with many practices that he believes helped his recovery. He has learned that "healing involves not just diet but also addressing emotional injuries and suffering.”

Here are some of the important foods he likes to include in his diet.


Root Vegetables



Bok Choy




Nuts and Seeds


Brown Rice

Sprouted Grain Bread

Pressed Salads


Rob Kilpert is a trained certified healer in the Chinese Five Element Philosophy. He helps people to understand the benefits of a healing diet and the importance of addressing underlying emotional injuries.The recommendations are very individual and are based on a counseling session and food diary. You can contact him directly at for more information on his healing practice or visit him on facebook to view his Healing Field Farm photos, read his detailed story or learn more about his work with Healing Fields Farm.

I also sampled some of Rob's Farm to Table Beet Kvass. He diluted 1/4 cup of beet kvass with 1/4 cup of water in a small juice glass. Kvass is loaded with nutrients and great for digestion. Diluted with water the beet kvass is wonderfully refreshing and not at all like the vinegar tasting kvass I have tried in the past. Rob drinks 4 ounces (1/4 cup) twice a day.

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Jeff said...

Beautiful article! Rob is an amazing person, and a wonderful macrobiotic cook!

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Forever Mindful said...

Thank you for the article! That was very enlightening! Everyone should be eating this way! Here's to good health!

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Kathy Markowski said...

Well put at the end of the article. Emotional well being is critical to our overall physical well being! Love the article. Thank you Rob.

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TigerSoul said...

Very sensible advice, even for those of us who are neither cancer survivors nor suffering from any known food allergies or aversions. Many of these listed foods play a central role in our kitchen, and we actually look forward to eating them. Good job, Rob.

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