Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Info on Comprehensive Thyroid Testing--and Hives

Although most people think hives are an allergic reaction--they can be a symptom of a thyroid problem. Hives were a symptom of low thyroid for myself and my six year old when he was younger. In particular, studies have connected hives to autoimmune thyroid issues. [1] Anyone with hives should rule out an autoimmune thyroid problem by asking to have a comprehensive thyroid testing done. Doctors often test only TSH and then say that your thyroid panel is normal, but according to Mary Shomon who has written five books on treatment of thyroid disease, a thorough Thyroid panel should include: [2]
  • TSH- level should be between .3 and 3.0
  • Free T4-storage thyroid hormone (the "cake mix"--needs to be activated or baked ie turned into T3) level should be ABOVE the 50% of normal (if range is 1-10 level should be 5)
  • Free T3- actual thyroid hormone that can be used by body. Level should be ABOVE 75% of normal range (if normal is 1-10 then you should be 7.5 or above)
  • Thyroid Antibodies - proteins that attack the thyroid gland
  • Reverse T3 - measuring sidelined T3 that is unavailable to body
  • Ferritin - stored form of iron (normal range is 20-100 but optimal is 60 or 80 if you need to lose weight)
  • Vitamin D - normal range is 20-100 but want to see 60 0r 80 for women who want to lose weight. Get blood level to determine supplementation for this critical hormone. Some doctors suggest 5,000 a day for people whose blood levels are low. There is a once a week prescription of 50,000 IU for people who levels don't respond to daily supplementation. Ask your doctor about this. Watch CBS News Watch about the importance of vitamin D.
[1] Verneuil L, Leconte C, Ballet JJ, Coffin C, Laroche D, Izard JP, Reznik Y, Leroy D. Association between chronic urticaria and thyroid autoimmunity: a prospective study involving 99 patients (Internet). Caen, France: University Hospital, Department of Dermatology, 2004. Available from:
[2] Mary Shomon, "Hormone Balance after 40", The New York Open Center, January 14, 2011.


Karen Joy said...

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that we just got back from an appt with the NMD for Fiala and what does she want Fi to have tested?? Her thyroid function for possible hypothyroidism. That's just one path we're currently pursuing (the other is diabetes -- still -- and serious yeast overgrowth, for now... ). I immediately thought of your comment on my blog recently!! For right now, she just ordered up TSH, but she wants Fi to go to a pediatric endocrinologist (just what you suggested), too. Crazy!!

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Karen Joy said...

Oh! She's also having ferritin tested, which didn't even register to me, but is in your post, too.

I have the lab orders and I'll be looking up to see what all is being tested...

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Zeta said...

Bovine supplements worked! I had to take double the supplement to keep my thyroid in check but it definitely worked, it was just not affordable to me then.

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