Tuesday, February 28, 2012

NYC LECTURE Wed 2/29/12 with Geri Brewster: Biomed on a Budget

Weds. Feb. 29th - New York City Event
Geri Brewster, RD, MPH, CDN - Biomed On a Budget
Rebecca School, 40 E.30th St., 5th Fl. (btw Park & Madison Aves.) New York City
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Geri Brewster is the nutritionist who really turned it around for my kids. After three years of allergy testing and special diets they still were really sensitive to foods. My son was still "allergic to everything" until we used a special protocol to heal his gut recommended by Geri. I can't wait to hear this presentation tomorrow night by someone who has helped us so much.

My husband always jokes that I should write a book on "Gluten Free on an Unlimited Budget" so I am super excited to see Geri Brewster's lecture BIOMED ON A BUDGET on Wednesday night at the Rebecca School courtesy of the NAA NY Metro Chapter.


Funky Mammy said...

hi there. my daughter is 4.5 yrs old. Since born she has had tummy upset/bad constipation. Changed her to goats milk, tried to keep her on the gluten free diet eventhough I didn't have any tests done. Had a coeliac test done 6 months ago to prove negative. But she has been so ill this past year. She picks up every bug going and been in hospital 3 times since Christmas with flu, vomiting bug and a kidney infecdtion. I'm very stressed and unsure what to do. Can you help with a food plan perhaps. We live in Ireland so not as much variety of foods! Many thanks :)

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