Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thoughts on Corn in Winter

There was nothing local or seasonal or organic about this corn. I saw the green husks at Citerella and decided it would brighten up our dinner. Although Citerella has great grass fed , organic meat they don't carry any organic produce. I once asked why and they told me "people don't want to find bugs in their food."

Even though corn is one of those things best to buy organic because non organic corn is genetically modified, I picked two ears up anyway for a treat thinking it would bring a little summer into our February existence. The interesting thing is that while corn is such an odd thing to see on my dinner table in the middle of winter, we sometimes have gluten free corn pasta. And often the gluten free corn pasta is not organic because there is not an organic gluten free option.

The corn wasn't magical like it is in the summer. I can't even remember who ate it or not. I don't think I would eat fresh corn every day in the winter. But it is whole food and probably healthier, in some ways, than corn pasta. I also think when you try to eat seasonally how strange and somehow sinful it feels to eat something out of season. When actually, the most out of season option is not the corn in the husk in the winter--but the processed food that has no season at all.



Mrs. Leeper's brand makes a gluten-free organic corn pasta. If you cannot get it locally, Amazon sells it.

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