Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dinner: Applegate Farms Chicken Nuggets

My husband was in charge of dinner on Saturday night. He gets huge points for serving a fruit AND a vegetable with the Applegate Farms gluten-free chicken nuggets. I try to make a homemade dinner every night but once in a while we have ready made gluten free products. Usually we have this kind of fun, kid's food on the weekend when we are going out so the kids don't get sick of homemade fare.

Small bowls are a great way to organize a plate that contains a lot of items. Little ceramic and glass bowls can also be a way to control portions of less healthy snack items. On a big plate the six or seven potato chips might seem like a small portion--but filling up a small bowl makes them seem more abundant. Toothpicks are another way to add some fun to a predictable dinner. We LOVE toothpicks.

I would have skipped the chips and pretzels and just served the nuggets, fruit and vegetables. But how fun is DAD?!? Breaking out the potato chips AND pretzels!