Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Happy Earth Day!

What am I doing for Earth Day 2012? Enjoying the earth just the way it is and being grateful for all I have and how well everyone is doing. I might also make some earth cake pops later for fun with my kids if I have time-but might save that project for next year and just enjoy being outside today.

Being mindful 365 days a year of our planet and the preciousness of resources--is on my mind. Small changes made EVERY DAY can really have a profound effect. This is true with food as well as our environment. Eating well ONE day doesn't make a huge difference in our health but switching from a less healthy choice to a more healthy choice and making it a habit can actually make a difference. So making small changes each day liking getting kids to turn off lights when not in use can really make a difference--you can even make it a game to see who can turn off the most lights before you walk out the door.

Take Earth Day and multiply it by 365 days and you have a huge change. Since I mostly buy organic veggies and they are much harder to grow than conventional vegetables--I also make an effort to make sure they get eaten and not thrown into the garbage.

Our resources are precious--today on Earth Day 2012 and everyday.

If you are in NYC you can check out NYC's Sustainable Weekend Activities at the EPA webpage Greening the Apple webpage.

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Let us embrace and love our planet.

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