Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dinner #10: GF Chinese Food in NYC

It was my six year old's idea to order General T'sos Chicken from Lilli and Loo's gluten free menu. I agreed mostly because everyone agreed to eat chicken and broccoli. I love that Lilli and Loos labels all gluten free items with GF stickers.

Of course, I always serve extra veggies--cucumbers, carrots and jicama with olives and hummus. Even if no one touches them, veggies make a great centerpiece and they are more likely to eat extra vegetables if they are in the middle of the table instead of buried in the vegetable drawer hidden under lettuce.

For dessert, I made mini chocolate cream pies with Glow Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, vegan chocolate pudding and rice whip topping. All you do is spread some of your favorite pudding on a cookie and top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Super easy and pretty impressive. Took all of a minute to assemble.

Dinner. Done. Yum.