Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pip's Place: A Gluten Free Bakery in NYC Review

Pip's Place is a new gluten free bakery on the Upper East Side. Sparkling stainless steel, white cake boxes and pink ribbons are a wonderful backdrop for the fresh baked goods served on shiny white trays. The owner, Denise, serves gluten free cakes, cookies and assorted pastries in her bakery on First Avenue between 90th and 91st Street.

The open kitchen allows patrons to watch the bakers in action. It is a fun show, for sure, and allows everyone to vicariously be a part of the bustling bakery. The open kitchen also makes Pip's Place one of the more transparent gluten free eating establishments I have ever been to. As we sampled the cookies and muffins, we watched Denise make rice crispy treats and another baker frost a large, special order cake.

"The cake is divine!" "The frosting is AMAZING!" announced the gluten free tasters I brought with me. We tried the toffee, bars, brownies, raspberry pinwheels, chocolate cake, vanilla cake and cheesecake. The taster's favorites were the toffee bars, raspberry pinwheels and cheesecake. The cheesecake has a crunchy chocolate cookie crust with a traditional layer of cheesecake and homemade heath bars on top.

Our tasters, Emily and Zoe even got Denise's autograph!

Denise, the owner of Pip's Place, with Emily and Zoe--the gluten free tasters.

Pip's has several gluten free items that are also dairy free--two muffins, a chocolate chip cookie and an olive oil bread. She is working on adding more in the future and I am looking forward to trying the gluten free/dairy free cupcakes.

It's wonderful that Pip's is a short walk from our house, but it's worth making the trip if you are anywhere in Manhattan. Pip's Place is going through extensive testing to get certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group--which is reassuring for those with celiac and those who have reactions to traces of gluten.

Pip's Place-The Gluten Free Cakery
1729-31 First Avenue
New York, NY 10128
(212) 360-6400

As always, pros and cons are always part of every review...

PROS: Pip's Place is an immaculate bakery that is completely gluten free! (Babycakes is famous for having gluten free baked goods but they are not a gluten free bakery.) Also amazing is how unbelievably accessible the owner is--Denise even has So Delicious coconut milk for coffee for customers who are dairy free. Another huge plus of Pips is that everything tastes different. So the two gluten free muffins I tried had completely different tastes to them. I have noticed in other bakeries that everything tastes the same. At Pip's everything has a unique, distinct, delicious taste. For sure, the best gluten free bakery in NYC. The packaging is quite spectacular. And they have monthly specials--like Red Velvet Cake!

CONS: The gluten free people I have spoken about Pips have all requested that ingredients be listed so they know the ingredients in each item. A lot of people with celiac have secondary things they need to avoid (like corn or soy.) The staff will inform you what the ingredients are if you request, but I do agree that it might be simpler to have a list of ingredients on front or back of label or a list of ingredients that customers can look at so that the process is more efficient.


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Benbarton1 said...

Wow, a rave review! I won't be in NYC until September, but I will totally check it out then.

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Rosie Magruder said...

YES! YES! YES! The place is really great and the people are so accomodating especially Denise she is so amazing. I was so thrilled with the open kitchen where we can watch the bakers baking cakes. I Totally agree that the cake is really divine, in fact it's more than that! And oh I LOVE their cheesecake it's my personal favorite. I will visit them again when I get back to NYC. Also if you’ve got a milk allergy or sensitivity, our lactose free bread might just be the healthy solution for you. Many store-brand bread-makers are still using milk in their products to give it that wonderful texture. But we’ve got a recipe that makes a delicious loaf of bread with that same texture without using milk. lactose free bread

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Betsy said...

So visiting there next time I get to Manhattan!

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