Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Back to School Memories

Everyone is back to school and doing well. I am thrilled that my 11 year old is now at a middle school that has gluten free options. Only one gluten free/dairy free lunch and one gluten free/dairy free snack to pack each day seems like a dream.

I find myself blogging less and less these days. We turned off the TV and the computer for the kids Monday through Thursday so it's harder to plant myself at the computer if I have asked them to not do electronics. And the truth is, the less you use the computer/TV the less drawn to it you are. Well, if you want to see a big change in your kids/yourself try turning off all screens for a few days.

After everyone got over the shock of less TV/netflix/CNN we all got a little creative. My 6 year old got out the microscope to look at his rock collection and my 11year tried out an origami kit. I found my glue gun to make homemade locker decorations. (If you want to see how locker decorating is done in 2012 check out the second video of Ellen on LockerLookz.) And, we all started playing monopoly and our new favorite card game--Sleeping Queens as well as poker. We have played more games the past few weeks than we had played in the last several years.

It's not all fun and games, of course. Trying to live a less plugged in existence for a few is tough stuff for everyone in a world that is increasingly digital. It's almost impossible for everyone at some level. But it is a good way to carve out time together and create new memories as a family. Even when the TV goes back on everyone is slightly more connected and in a better place--and appreciative to be plugged in again.

(Sorry to everyone for not answering emails/texts anymore. I wasn't great at responding before and this change makes me even worse!)