Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rice Dream is NOT Gluten Free Part 2

When people first start a gluten free diet, one of the first things I advise is DON'T EVER USE RICE DREAM beverages! This was a comment by Mae on my post RICE DREAM IS NOT GLUTEN FREE that is a good example of why I advise against using Rice Dream beverages on a gluten free diet...

"Even though Hain CLAIMS their rice beverage product is gluten-free, it is NOT. Since I changed from So Delicious coconut milk to Hain’s Rice Dream rice milk I have had increasingly horrific pain in my upper right flank, low-grade fever, terrible fatigue, and horrible diarrhea for the last six months. My body was acting like I had been glutened. I have spent months trying to figure out what I was eating that had gluten in it. The answer was: nothing. Apparently, I was drinking it.

Two days ago, I did a Google search for “Rice Dream rice milk gluten” and found many celiac forums and Celiac Disease experts cautioning against this brand of rice milk. Many people have written online in celiac forums about how they react badly to Rice Dream rice milk. When I started using Rice Dream rice milk, I had checked out Hain’s website to make sure that Rice Dream was gluten free before purchasing it. They said it was.

They lie – and the FDA allows this lie.

Hain uses a barley enzyme in the beginning process of making the milk. Hain is lying when they say on their site: “Is Rice Dream Beverage a gluten free product? Yes. Although Rice Dream Beverage is processed using a barley enzyme, the barley enzyme is discarded after use. The final beverage might contain a minute residual amount (less than .002%) of barley protein.” They state that they use it and then “throw it out.” But apparently it is still in the rice milk no matter what they say because I have reacted strongly to it. In fact, once the barley enzyme is in the rice milk, how in the world can it be separated out?

Hain also says that any gluten that might be in their product is below the FDA threshold of 20 ppm. But the problem is that the commercial tests for gluten contamination have some difficulty detecting hordein (the type of gluten protein found in barley) when the hordein has been broken down into smaller pieces or protein fragments.

It is also possible that there is not enough residual gluten left in the product for testing to detect (at least not with current tests), but there is plenty of gluten in Rice Dream rice milk for our bodies to detect it and be damaged by it, especially in people who tend to be very sensitive to even trace amounts of gluten.

More and more people do not trust the Rice Dream beverage – and they do indeed react like I have reacted. In fact, I drank the Rice Dream rice milk long enough to do further damage to my duodenum. It could take months and months to get over this glutening episode.

One would think that Hain would be more concerned about the dangers of gluten (and celiac disease) and not sell products that are made with anything that ever contained gluten. I will never buy Hain’s rice milk again or any of their products for that matter because I cannot trust them. And I will join others in spreading information all over the internet about the gluten dangers in Rice Dream rice milk.

Please do consider what I have said and do not trust what Hain claims their rice milk to be (gluten-free) because it is not. In fact, check out the statement I just found on the Rice Dream EU website:

The FDA is as much to blame for my glutening as Hain is. The FDA is too lax in what they allow in gluten-free products. 20 ppm is way too high for many Celiacs like myself. Celiac Disease is serious. A teensy tiny bit will make some of us truly suffer. Printing gluten free on a product that has even a smidge of gluten can be toxic for someone like me.

I have been off the Rice Dream for 2 days. Already the pain is subsiding and I am feeling a bit better.

I am so angry at Hain, I could spit nails!"

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yael's Chicken Soup Recipe

Making chicken soup every few weeks is a tradition in our house. Yael's chicken soup recipe is our new favorite. I tend to keep the chicken stock, veggies, noodles and chicken all separate and put them together depending on who I am serving. I find adults like more veggies and chicken and  my kids like more broth and noodles.

1 whole chicken ( organic kosher)
4-5 carrots if u like more use more
2 parsnip
1 turnip
2-3 celery stalks
Peel and cut vegetables into chunks
1 bunch parsley
1 bunch dill.   Put these together in mesh bag.
Clean chicken put in large pot - cover with water- depends how big pot Is  but chicken should be completely covered..
Add 1-2 tablespoons salt
1-2 teaspoons pepper
Bring soup to boil ( skim off fat)then let it simmer on low for at least 2-1/2. Hrs..
I usually let it cool then put in fridge overnight and next day skim off anymore fat and take out chicken and vegetables.
You might have to adjust seasoning-