Friday, May 3, 2013

Our Gluten Free Family Cooking 2013 by Kendra Alexis

I cook everyday. These photographs give you a glimpse of me in my kitchen doing what I love to do--cooking and  preparing homemade food for myself and my family.

Kendra Alexis, a gifted and giving photographer, took them. When she isn't doing a photo shoot for families in NYC, Kendra gives back to the community by volunteering to take pictures for non-profits. She is an affiliated photographer for the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Foundation and a member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America.) You can see more of her work at her website Kendra Alexis.

(To learn more about beet kvass--which is the sparkly wine colored beverage in the jar in the slideshow, go to my post on An Affordable Superfood--Beet Kvass.)


The Healthy Apple said...

This is AMAZING! Love the music and the amazing pictures of YOU! You look beautiful, Kir.
So glad you posted this!!

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Anonymous said...

Great video- need to ask you about what's in the jar- pickled beets? You've inspired me to put up a video as well...

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gfcfmom said...

Yes! It is pickled beets in the jar. Here is a link to beet kvass. Here is a link to a post with a recipe...

I will also add it to the post. Let me know if you put up a video so I can see it.

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Stephanie said...

Nice video and photos! Great to see you in action. Beet kvass seems like an amazing food, I'm definitely gonna check it out. Thanks for the link to that post!

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Benbarton1 said...

So good! And a Colbie Caillat soundtrack no less. You must have a music loving pre-teen daughter! :)

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