Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review: Dana's Bakery Gluten Free Macarons

Dana's Bakery has a GF macarons for every occasion. Have a Gluten Free Girl Scout? Dana's sells a box of only thin mints. Want to celebrate those little things? A small birthday cake macaron tastes like the real thing and the cookie dough flavor is better than the guilty pleasure itself. For the perfect party gift order a box of champagne macarons. A box of twelve from Dana's is perfect for any occasion. Kids will love the fun and whimsical flavors and adults will love a delicious twist on a sophisticated treat.
Dana's Bakery wasn't planned to be gluten free but it was a welcome coincidence because they use almond flour instead of pastry flour, but you would never expect to see the little gold "GLUTEN FREE" on the box from the taste. The texture is like cake with a hard shell and the most amazing, flavorful frosting you could ever imagine - it's a far cry from the jam full of seeds that fills macarons at cafes.
Little things like these macarons make being gluten free a little better--finding joy in something unexpected, and being ecstatic over those coincidences.

The macarons are $30 plus shipping for a dozen but if you sign up for the mailing list you will get an extra 10% off and sometimes you get a coupon code with your box. You can choose what flavors to get or order a variety box and get one of each flavor.

PROS: See the glowing review above!
CONS: Contains dairy. Pricey...but worth every penny!

photos by SEPNYC and ZeeBee


The Healthy Apple said...

LOVE this post; these look adorable and your pictures look great!

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