Tuesday, July 23, 2013

2013 Sleep Away Camps for Kids on a Gluten Free Diet

2013 Sleep Away Camps for Kids on a Gluten Free Diet

Instead of cooking, I have spent the last few days writing letters to my kids at sleep away camp and looking at photos of them online. It's amazing to me that sleep away camps can accommodate kids who are gluten free and dairy free. I really thought that my son would never be able to go away to camp so having him at Dream Week for four days does feel like a dream come true.

There is a special person to coordinate meals for kids with allergies at Point O' Pines, the camp my daughter has attended for four years. At Indian Head, where my son attended Dream Week, the head chef overseas the gluten free/dairy free meals. Chef Mike, at Indian Head, has served gluten free food for years because a favorite counselor has celiac.  When I spoke Chef Mike at Indian Head, he explained that the gluten free and dairy free kids all eat the same food that the other campers are eating--and he makes a lot of it from scratch.

Here is a list of the camps that have been personally recommended that serve gluten free food...

Camp Wah-Nee "Special things are cooked for them so they eat the same as the rest of the camp and they always have alternatives that they love. It has been great. My girls go to Camp Wah-nee where they are so accommodating. This year the camp brought in a nutritionist working to help the camp and we have gone through every meal. They get the alternative food. The girls have their own toaster and are to keep food and have full access to it."

Fernwood Cove

Indian Head Camp "A favorite camp counselor has celiac so they have been making gluten free food for many years." It is a 7 week camp but they have a four day Dream Week program where kids can try out the camp--and the food.

Point O' Pines Camp for Girls "A member of the staff at Point O'Pines is on a gluten free diet so they make gluten free food that for staff as well as campers who are on gluten free diets. They have made a huge effort to provide substitutes."

Tripp Lake Camp "They have been so accomodating. We love it."


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